With Disney acquiring Fox’s movie and TV properties for a staggering $71 billion, news has started to trickle out about the future of the franchises that don’t fit into Disney’s family-friendly image.  Yesterday during their Cinemacon panel Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn gave some insight about the plans moving forward and guarantees that the Alien and Planet of the Apes franchises will continue.

This does not confirm that an Alien or Apes movie are in development, considering the low box-office performance of Alien: Covenant and the previous Apes movie finishing Caesars story. However, these properties are too popular for Disney to ignore and we should expect to see more of these pop-culture icons in the future.

This is also backed up by a previous comment by Horn stating “Disney will use Fox as a way to make the kind of R-rated movies that it could never have made with a Disney label attached.”  This should reassure fans who have been concerned about losing the likes of Deadpool, Alien, Predator and Kingsman. 

Stay tuned to Me-Dia for all upcoming Disney/Fox news.

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